Heart in Hand Marry Making Mini: Merry Christmas

Fabric: 32 count 18th Century Brown by R&R Reproductions
39x56. 8.5x9.5

CC Deep Fennel
All others: DMC

Started at my sisters house
Finished at my Aunt’s house


Ohio, November 2019

I landed from France on Friday and then went to Ohio on Monday.  I don't have too much to show for it, but I spent some quality time with Brandie and Steph.  We may have eaten at the Outback twice - it is right next to the hotel after all.  The hotel was having its opening party and we stole balloons once it was over and spread them around my floor.  I was still a lil jet lagged from France so I fells asleep on them as they hung out :)


OMG France 2019

This was a whirlwind trip and I worked 12-hour days so I don't have much to show but I had a blast.  I traveled and worked - no touristing for me this time.

I left the US on Sunday.

I arrived in Paris on Monday and took the train to Grenoble.  I was a little intimidated but it was the easiest trip.  I was able to move my train from a 3:00 departure to 11:30 which saved me from being exhausted in the hotel.  It only took a few minutes to get through border control but I anticipated that it would take much longer.

I can see the office from the hotel - convenient! I ate in the hotel restaurant each night.  the service was great, and so was the food.

The people that I worked with in France were wonderful!

 On Thursday after work, on Halloween, the eve of a national holiday, and during a train strike, I got on my train back to Paris.  No one thought I would make it on time, but I did! It took some people helping me to find the right train car and seat when I transferred in Lyon, but it was easy as pie.

I fell asleep and woke up to the ding that we were arriving at the station.  I looked out and saw that we were at the airport.  I collected my things and got off the train - not noticing that no one else did.  The train man noticed and pulled me back on the train, into the bar cart, telling me that the airport was another ten min away - whew!  I am so thankful that French people are so nice.

 I stayed in the Sheraton in the airport which was the best choice.  I got off the train and went up the elevator into the nice hotel.  I had dinner, went to bed, got up, had breakfast, and the concierge gave me the most simple directions to get me to my terminal.  

I finished Penny Autumn by Plum Street while I was on the plane.  I watched Book Smart for the FOURTH time and watched Aftermath because my seat mate suggested it.

When I landed in D.C., I had tons of texts.  It turns out that my neighbors homes burned down due to a chicken coop heating lamp.  People and chickens and pets ok, homes are totaled.  


4th of July Meet-Up

We had a meet-up on the 4th of July.  It was first Thursday after all.  It was a wonderful time and the next day I went back to meet Daleen!  


Texas Tornado

I planned a trip to Austin for Joe's 40th birthday.  It's not until September but he will be hard at work for harvest and can't travel, watch tv, sleep in his own bed, or have an otherwise good time.

I started our trip with a float on the Comal in New Braunfels

After, I took everyone to lunch at Rudy's.

They were intruged/weirded out by the paper plates and lack of silverware.

I took them to Gruene Hall, my favorite place in Texas and the oldest running dance hall in the state.

On Saturday, we went to Salt Lick but I am lacking pictures.  After, we went to Zilker Brewing.

 We closed out the weekend with a BBQ brunch downtown.

There were tornado warnings and conditions just as everyone headed to their flights.

Everyone else flew home, I took Joe for a fast and furious 24 hours in San Antonio, it's my rearview town.  We went to the river walk.

We went to the old Alamo Brewing Company and now Hotel Emma

We took scooters to Alamo Brewing Company

And then we went to the actual Alamo