*I saved this post from an old blog I found archived on the internet*

I am at school (nothing new here) and I need to use the restroom.  Well, the one here in the architecture building usually smells.  Tho doors in the stalls are wooden and I think original.  So just imagine the disgusting black dirt buildup where people touch them. 
What do you do?  You travel to other buildings on campus and use theirs.  I spend all of my time in the old part of campus and I must say, there are a lot of neat restrooms. 
I have always liked restrooms and I have no idea why.
Here is a restroom in the main Seattle library.  Why do I have a picture?  Because weirdo me liked it.  It's all one clean color.  Very simple, the way a restroom should be.  I am going to the restroom now.

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