She Wants To Go Home

*I saved this post from an old blog I found archived on the internet*

It is Sunday afternoon.  Easter Sunday at that.  I got to work and now I am at school.  Oh the life.  When I left school late Friday, I walked across the same bridge that I do to and from school every day.  It overpasses the train.  I love that bridge because you get to look down into the ditch where the train goes by.  And if you're lucky, you get to stand on it and watch the train roll under you.
Winter is over.  And I missed parts of that somewhere because I opened my eyes on the bridge and it was beautiful.  It was spring.
I don't know why, but I though these exact words to myself:  "She wants to go home". 
Of course I had an evening of knitting and sewing planned.  I haven't done anything, even watched tv, for two weeks.  I walked the rest of the way to my house, got in my car, and drove home.
Ok, so I live in Texas for high school and 4 years of college.  It is also home to me.  But I mostly grew up in Rogers, Ar.  It's a town to me, where I can go back for two hours and it's a sort of memorable utopia.  And then the third hour sets in, the reality of the town it has become sets in, and I have to leave.  But who doesn't want to remember the spring times from when they were a kid.  (luckily, I'm still a kid).
My first stop was an old drive in, Suzie Q.  I got a heart attack in a sack for $4.  It was nice waiting for my food to be finished.  I snapped some pictures. 
This is an old grocery store that we would sometimes shop in growing up.  Luckily, I got to shop in it a few times myself when I moved back, before it closed down.
I ate my dinner at a man made lake in Rogers.  Lake Atalanta

I wanted to take more pictures but there were lots of kids around.  I didn't want to take pictures with other people kids in them with out permission.  I wouldn't want someone taking pictures of my kid. 
It was a wonderful evening.  Some one was grilling at the park and the smells were wonderful.  The weather was great and the trees were beautiful.  I want to have kids just so I can take them to the park and let them play for hours and hours.
I live on the third floor of an old house.  I have beautiful views from up there.  Last fall, orange reflected off of all my walls.  Here are some seasonal pictures from my bedroom window.
The last one was taken today.
And finally, I am four rows from being done with one half of my olympic knitting project.  Remember it?  The carpet bad from Handknit holidays made with cotton for summer.

It's not as articulated as Stefanie's and Rachel's.  I want to make another one sometime.  I hated it at first but now I love the project.
P.S.  Mrs. Lucy.  I am going to do the counts at the beginning of the other side.  I'll probably do that Monday night, so I'll post the counts hints and tips soon.
I hope that everyone is having a wonderful Easter and a more wonderful spring!

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