Hobby Lobby Yarn Wish List


Do you ever get excited about going to Hobby Lobby?  I didn't used to, because I had one near me.  Now when I go, it's a short road trip and I don't go often.  They have really changed and stepped up their acrylic yarn game.  I have been very much loving acrylic yarn for baby blankets - throw your yarn snob nose in the air if you would like - but if you are making baby blankets with $30-a-ball hand wash only yarn, then I am 100% laughing at you and your love of Purl Soho.  Ok, so that last part was about me and my love of Purl Soho, but I WILL NOT be making $300 hand-wash-only baby blankets for my kids or any one else's.  That's some true first world knitting.

I am newly in love with the Tin Can Knits Fly Away blanket.  The pattern is simple squares and I plan to make all sort of half square triangle quilt patterns from it.  I could buy one yarn ball from each other the colors below and it would make for a beautiful blanket.

I have been on a hunt for gold eyelash yarn circa 2008 but I thought it was no longer being made. Found some!

I found this blanket on Pinterest and fell immediately in love. (Photo by blog owner Nancy). It is from the blog Noble Knits, the pattern is free and the yarn is called Big Bad Wool Baby Yeti. Follow this link to visit the very well done blog and to get the pattern.  But wait, it's another $30 a ball yarn that is hand wash only.  
NO NO NO.   
*It is a beautiful blanket though and I may have considered buying the yarn a few times.

Boom - found the acrylic version in several colors.

I don't know what these are for but hey, I'd use it.

What is this large scrubby yarn that uses size 10 needles?  I want it!

Made it into my cart!

At this point, after the empty Christmas aisles - and on that note, why is everything gone by Dec. 1?  That is so frustrating to me.  Buy it in June while you are wearing your bathing suit or don't get it at all?  Ok, don't get my money then. 

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