Sur La Table Cooking Class Date

Joe likes to cook dinner, he fancies himself a chef and says he wants to open his own restaurant.  He would love it he says, it would be awesome he says, there would be pizza.  Joe has never worked in a restaurant, he has never prepared or served food to customers.  I decided to get him some cooking classes for Valentines Day so that he could 1. learn proper cooking skills that will benefit me :) and 2. give him a taste of the chef life.

We scheduled a class but oops, I would be out of town.  I re-scheduled for Nashville Fried Chicken with Succotash. The evening gets here, and we drove separately to the store. 

Let's take this story back two three years.  We moved to Portland, I quit my job, I was fun-employed.  I got a job three months later at a family owned company that I got through a friend of a friend of a friend.  Start job, hate job, really really really hate the owner.  That was toxic, bad, the terrible awful.  One week before the class we drive by the company I worked at and I said "it's been two years and I still appreciate what I have now every single day".  That job was God's way of teaching me to appreciate the good in a good job with a good boss.

I walk into Sur La Table.  Out of the corner of my eye I see the wife of the owner of that company.  I swung my hair around to cover my face and made a fast tactical dash to the opposite side of the store where I texted Joe " Our cooking partner is 'Terrible Boss (name omitted)'.  He replied in a few texts: NO WAY!, NO, You're joking, Ok - you're totally joking".  I replied yes, but try not to be noticed when you come in.  And I saw her again, lingering, playing on her phone, just like I was.  Why is she doing the same thing as me, isn't she shopping?  Buy your stuff and go lady!  That's when it happened, when she walked up to the cooking spot.  Que awkward hello's and smiles.  And then her daughter walked up.  Whew, just the wife and the daughter.  The chef cook lady handed us name tags.  Wife takes 4, wife writes name of horrible boss on name tag, boss places name tag on cutting board spot next to mine.

Yes - I had to stand next to awful boss for the evening, the evening that was supposed to be a joyful date night.  Please note: the get-me-out-of-here look on my face in the photo below.

We made the mint ice cream and the honey butter for the buttermilk biscuits.

We all battered our own chicken pieces

Everything was amazing, minus the odd company!

Afterwards, we went around the corner and had a glass of wine at a restaurant that overlooks the lake.

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