not m.i.a

I have been a bit m.i.a on here, but not in life!  I bought a spinning wheel for my birthday last year!  I also bought myself a Kindle.  I have turned into a Pigeonroof Studios lover and I have dyed some of my own wool.
One of my first and my favorite attempts of dying my own wool.  I used a squirt bottle to spray the green that I made from Wilton food coloring on to the roving.  I started with the darker green at the top and added water to the bottle until the end.  I forgot to soak the yarn in vinegar first but it was the best result!

Pigeonroof Studios SW Merino.  It was my favorite color and I will us it in Veronik Avery's Bear Claw Blanket.  I ordered a green PRS SW Merino from someone's stash on Ravelry to have as the contrast color.  I will spin the entire blanket.

I tried to dye this to be striped in color so that I could use it in the Buncha Squares blanket.  I wanted to have variation in stripes so that I didn't have to change the yarn colors.

The single ply of the PRS SW Merino for the Bear Claw

I didn't think that this roving would turn out so well!

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