Backwards (in Instagram)

About a week ago I posted photos from SuperPopCam.  I knew everyone loves Instagram, but had no idea why.  I think there are a lot of photo apps that have much better filters.  I have been reading a lot more blogs lately (I'm trying to stay connected to the real world because I live in Mexico, USA).  I saw on a blog that a girl said "follow me on Instagram".  You can follow people?  What does that mean?  And then: Oh. My. God.  I'm obsessed, I'm addicted, AND Daniel was following me.  I'm the one who takes hundreds of pictures and he takes zero, but he has Insta, and he's following me.  I'm obsessed.  I'm addicted.  All of these photos I took and uploaded into Instagram.  My name on there is missjocobb.

First, let's talk about my stash.  Here it is:

In college, I could barely afford yarn.  I often worked at Hand Held Knitting in Fayetteville, AR just to earn credit for yarn.  When I got a ball of yarn and I didn't complete the project or changed my mind as I often did, I still held on to the yarn for dear life.  When I had scraps left over from a project, I kept every tiny yard.  This went on for three huge rubbermaid containers.  

Four and a half years ago I went off to the Army.  I didn't knit for 10 months.  When I finally got back to my stash, I was like a kid in a candy store.  I wanted to knit with all of it.  While I was in Georgia and Missouri and while I lived in South Carolina, I never bought yarn, ever.  The yarn store in Columbia was a dirty, messy joke.  I worked so many hours that I never travelled much.  And I went to one yarn store, in Atlanta, in a two year period. Me, an obsessed knitter, just one time!  I did buy yarn from people's stashes on Ravelry last fall (to add to my scraps to make a scrappy blanket).  

While in South Carolina I purchased myself an Ashford Joy spinning wheel for my 29th birthday and I ordered a lot of roving form Pigeonroof Studios.  When I wanted to knit, I dug into my trusty stash of scraps from college.  I would knit and un knit and knit and unknit.  I swore I'd find the perfect scrappy blanket.  Knit, nope, unknit, knit, nope unknit and keep on and keep on.  Add a project to Ravelry, delete it....I did it again last week. 

 Dan is out of town for two weeks and now I have a lot of time to do nothing but knit, that hasn't been the case since I met the sweet man I'm gonna marry :) (I have also finally had time to finish listening to Bossy Pants on audiobook). I got out my scrap stash, like I have done several times in the last months, and I realized that it was holding me back.  I haven't purchased yarn although I have the income to buy whatever I want.  It's all so backwards, I couldn't buy it in college, can now, but don't.  I also haven't been motivated to knit for like, since I joined the Army.  I work A LOT.  As I was saying, my stash was holding me back, so, I threw it away.

Now, let's go buy some brand new yarn for a real project! (Let's, like WE are going, Dan says that, "Did we water the lawn"?  Um, no, WE didn't. I love him)

I still have an obsession with scrappy blankets, and blankets for that matter.  I want to make a "scrappy" blanket out of great yarn so I googled "mini skeins" and Koigu KPM Mini Skeins showed up.  My world stopped.  I went to work and all I could think about was Koigu.  I want to make a blanket out of the $3.75 11 yard skeins.  Ok, that's ridiculous.  What i decided was to buy full skeins of main colors and then I will buy a lot of the minis to accent those colors.

My last post was Palette 1 for the blanket for Bug.  There was going to be palette 2, 3, and 4 but nope, I like palette 1.  It has a dark green Koigu at the bottom, only because I own that green.  My right hand man at work paints, so I asked him about the color, he said get rid of the green.  Dang it.  I went into El Paso after work yesterday just to line some embroidery thread up on the floor of Hobby Lobby to test color schemes.  

I got a lot of weird looks from the Mexicans.  And look, when I say Mexican, that's what I mean.  Follow them outside and they get in their cars with their Chihuahua license plates and head back to Mexico.  Don't call me prejudice!  When I lived in South Carolina and told people I had just moved there, they would say "ooooh, to go to USC, what's your major?" and I'd say, "oh no, I went to the University of Arkansas, I'm in the Army".  I always had to add the part about Arkansas.  Always. Here, people take one look at my white skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair and they say "Army".  They only say Army because they can't speak much other English.  Anyway, back on subject, I'm going to start collecting Kogu for a blanket that has been in my Ravelry favorites for quite some time.

It's going to take me a while to collect the Koigu.  I need another project in the meantime.  I have something against making a blanket that you can't dry on low heat.  I have a boyfriend that I talk to hourly about when we are getting married and we talk every thirty minutes about kids and he already has a beautiful daughter.  This makes me think of chaos.  I work 80 hours a week.  It's already hard to keep up with laundry and I wear the same uniform every day! How am I gonna have time to "lay flat to dry"? I found this project:

People ask what yarn it is in the comments, but she doesn't answer.  It's shiny so I assume it's acrylic.  I did some online stalking by clicking on all of her links of/to herself.  Her Facebook says she went to college in England.  Great, it's some fantastic European yarn.  I hate that.  I looked at Hobby Lobby to see if anything was similar.  Nope.  I looked at Michael's.  Nope.  So, I bought some Vanna's Choice in similar colors.  I was happy.  I went off to Walmart to buy more sterlite containers.  EVERYTHING can, and has to, fit in a sterlite container.  I decided to stroll down the yarn aisle to see if they had Vanna's Choice in case I need refills.  And then there it was, all the yarn that is used in this blanket, Caron Simply Soft.  This Yarn is $4.50 at Hobby Lobby, $3.25 at Walmart, and $1.99 online.  I bought all of the colors except for the extreme pink. 

Now the question is, how big did she make it?  I did some more online stalking, she sells them on Etsy where they are listed as 40x60. (Etsy also has her home as Georgia which I know has more than its share of Walmarts) I used an H hook like the yarn calls for and made a swatch.  10 chains equals about 2" and 151 chains will add to 36".  This wasn't big enough for me so I started a bigger version this morning.  I asked Stefanie who owns the, and she was OK with me buying crappy yarn.  My friend Carrie however, was not!  I actually like the feel of it.  I also like that we will take it camping, where we often go, and that we will be able to put it in the washer and dryer.

Earlier this week

I worked all day Monday, as I will tomorrow, which means nearly 24 hours, so I had Tuesday off.  I started the morning spinning some Pigeonroof Studios SW Roving and drinking coffee.  My friggin favorite.

I also decided to finish up boot socks that I had to frog due to over decreasing, I couldn't get the bottom over my heal.

I want to make ankle socks.  I have some Colinette that I didn't trash but I need some 40" size three Addi's.  I got some of those little sock yarn balls from Hobby Lobby.  I cast on a pair of anklets with one last night.  I like it.  I have tile floors and I live in ankle socks from the Gap and I don't want to wear out Koigu on tile.  However, after I figure out my favorite way to make some, I'll make them from handspun.  I'm weird, I know.  I found some patterns and I haven't knit socks since college.  I had to do some searching for a pattern generator and for toe up and I had to remember what my old favorite cast on for toe up was and find it.  I had a favorite heel, so I'll have to find that when I get to that point!

Fun fact, I was born in Texas, raised in Arkansas, went to high school in Texas, college in Arkansas, now back in Texas (Mexico) with the Army. Next year when I get out of the Army (July 15 to be exact, let's start a countdown - no need, I already did) we will move to San Antonio (one of two of my hometowns) for Dan to go to law school.  He called today because he is standing on the beach and his life is very clear from that viewpoint and he wanted my opinion on him applying to work for Walmart HQ because he speaks Chinese.  HOLY CRAP YES.  Fayetteville, I'll be back, I love you (although I hated you in college and made every mistake I've ever made in my life in those years).  When I am in either state, I miss the other.  I miss central Texas right now because I live in Mexico, and I also miss Arkansas.  If we head to Arkansas, I'll miss Texas.  But oh how I love them both.  I have a split heart.

I'm going to go listen to the song Springsteen by Eric Church and think about the streets of Arkansas now because I'm feeling sappy about the Ozark's because I may go back.


  1. If you had thrown away Colinette, I would have come after you with one of those sharp sticks I'm always carrying around. :P Getting married? Congrats! That's very exciting!

    1. I kept full skeins and I'll add them to my trade/sale. I'll use just the Colinette. I threw away scraps, and I ha A LOT of scraps. I'm not engaged yet but we talk about it every hour. We ALMOST eloped a month ago!