My Friday at work

My job can be a bit taxing, er, a whole lot taxing.  But, this week it wasn't, for the first time in six months.  I get to work with a really great bunch of guys.  I never have the same group of people around for more than six days, units come and go. After Tuesday, these guys will be gone.  On Friday, that evaluated some condemned bathrooms.  I took pictures :) 
 These toilets were in the shower.
 This is where the toilets go.  No, there were never walls between the toilets.  You just go right next to the person poopin beside ya! It's weird when you do it once, but you get over it and you don't do it often.  You can't them, but there are porcelain urinals  across from the toilets (in the ladies room).  In the Army, there didn't used to be females, and now, there aren't a lot.  Older buildings have toilets and urinals in the ladies and mens room.  All the Army does is slap a ladies sign on a mens bathroom when females show up and when the females leave, voila, mens room complete with urinals.
 These sinks remind me of elementary school.

 A really nice old man is explaining to me how the septic system and poop pumper works.
 Poopy man hole
 Don't you want to be here, in the middle of the desert, using this bathroom?

These are the awesome guys that I was working with.  I shouldn't use the word work, because it was not work at all.  They did all of the work!  They had two architects in this group.  The Army can be outstanding and impressive sometimes.

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