My week in wool

 I started spinning Rotten by for Tour de Fleece Team Pigeonroof Junkies 2012
 I got this crochet cotton for the purpose of tying skeins, not crocheting. I like beer, a lot.
I got this spinners gauge card.  I can check the size of the singles that I am spinning so that I know what weight my wool will turn out to be.  I got it at

I finally got myself a niddy noddy!  I used to use plastic containers and picture frames to make skeins!

I also got this jumbo flyer from Ashford at The Woolery.  I was confused about exactly what to buy so the nice ladies talked me through it on the phone.  I have an Ashford Joy, and I'm guessing that the standard bobbins only hold 3oz, I had to break all of my 4 oz skeins.  It cost me $100 just so that I won't have to break skeins, but I think it's worth it!

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